The Herman Tob Fellowship for Liver Transplantation

The Herman Tob Fellowship for Liver Transplantation




2014 - 2015


The memorial Fellowship was awarded to Dr Milton Inostroza Nunez from Chile in December 2014. Dr Inostroza is following a training of one year at the Unit of Abdominal Transplantation, of the University Hospital St-Luc in Brussels. He is Surgeon at the Surgery and Emergency Department, of Las Higueras Hospital  in Talcahuano Concepción, Chile. The training will enable him to set up an abdominal transplantation unit in his public institution in Concepción.


Dr Inostroza was born in 1978 he is married and father of three children.



"I am a highly committed physician to the medical and academic institutions where I work. I have a strong interest in continuous improvement that enables me to always make relevant and meaningful contributions to the different work teams I belong to; both in terms of efficiency and quality which are the key to my career development.  From my perspective, working at the public sector is more than just another job; it represents a constant, varied and demanding challenge that brings along the opportunity for personal and professional growth. I strongly believe that the public sector should have the best medical care services available."