The Euroliver Foundation was set up in 1992 by the late Mr Herman Tob (in memoriam 1936-2011)) and Prof Jean-Bernard Otte of the University Hospital St-Luc in Brussels, Belgium in order to support research projects in the field of liver transplantation and organ donation, and also to improve the psychosocial support of both future liver recipients and liver transplant patients.  Herman Tob who, following a liver transplant in February 1991, decided to make use of his experience, and by the man who cured him, Prof Jean-Bernard Otte, a specialist in liver transplants at the Saint-Luc University Clinics.

The Foundation was officially inaugurated on 30 September 1993 in the Museum of Louvain-la-Neuve. This event, which celebrated the dialogue between "Art and Life" with an exhibition by the American artist Keith Haring, was the starting point for a number of cultural and artistic activities, academic events, an awareness-building day and direct interventions in hospital centers in Belgium.

Scientific studies conducted in Belgium identified a great need for information, especially in the adolescent population (17-18 years old), in relation to organ donation. These data triggered the development of large scale awareness campaigns aimed at educating adolescents (the future leaders of our society) about organ donation and transplantation. This national Belgian project rapidly became international. A CDROM ‘Transplantation: yesterday, today and tomorrow’ , made by Prof. Jan Lerut and Francine Roggen, was produced to address the problem of organ transplantation and donation. Not only has it been translated into twelve different languages (Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish) but more importantly it is geared to the world of adolescents. This material serves as the basis for teaching about the problems related to organ donation and transplantation in middle schools as well as in many large events organized in several different cities in Belgium. . The success of transplantation is used in order to show that organ donation is truly an act of the highest social value. These awareness campaigns have already reached more than 50.000 adolescents; parts of the project have been applied successfully in many other countries.

As Mr TOB was also a ‘connoisseur‘ of art and cultural diversity, several cultural and sports activities have also been organized to serve the cause of transplantation.

The Euroliver Foundation is a Public nonprofit charity association under Belgian law.