Support activities

Support activities


Information campaign

Several surveys have shown that the age range 14-18 is not well informed, through schools programmes, of the challenges raised by the organ donation and organ transplantation. An information campaign took place in Belgium, and several school teachers contributed to the success of this initiative.

You can read more about the campaign and its rationale here




The school project in Belgium

The Euroliver foundation and several other sponsors (SDO, Rotary Club, Soroptimist) gave their support to a large scale information campaign, aimed at the 15-17 age range in schools.
The campaign took place in several institutions, and was run as an interdisciplinary event, involving external speakers and teachers.
External speakers were:
  • a surgeon
  • patients
  • professionals of the health sector
Several teachers (religion, science, even language) took part in the project. The Belgian campaign served as a model in several countries.
A range of media were used and distributed, such as the CDROM " Organ transplantation, yesterday, today and to-morrow" published by the foundation.