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You find yourself on a website, which deals with hepatitis and this in your mother tongue.This website is formulated in such a way that you don’t have to be a doctor at all to understand the content.It addresses to everyone who wants more information, either because he is curious or because he suffers from a liver disorder.
Hepatitis means "Inflammation of the liver".Hepatitis can be caused by virusses, by medicines, by toxins like alcohol, or it can arise from a bad oxygen distribution to the liver, from an overweight of fats, or from autoimmunity reactions. Sometimes it is even impossible to find out the origin of the illness.
You learn how the virus or the chemical substances become toxic, how they make the diagnosis of those illnesses, how they can avoid them and how they can treat them.
To start with we have decided to inform you about hepatitis which is caused by viral infections only.Every chapter has recently been updated. You can find this updating clearly separated from the chapter itself.
When you want to know more about a certain subject, you can find the most recent publications in the bibliography.By clicking on the option "Questions-Answers" you get a survey of the most formulated questions.

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